How to Clean-Carpet

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

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The beauty of carpet is that when you follow the flooring maintenance and care guides, it’s easy to maintain the integrity of your new floor, protecting your investment. Also, properly caring for your carpet will enhance its life and performance, giving you years of enjoyment. Whether you choose to clean it yourself or hire a professional, make sure to check your carpet warranty for any maintenance instructions. Almost all carpet warranties will require that you have a professional clean your carpet every year. If you want to keep dirt, dust, and stains from occurring, here are a few tips on preventing accidents from occurring.

  • Invest in Area Rugs. A top trend in today’s interior décor is layering rugs, and there’s good news – the trend doesn’t stop at hard-surface flooring!
  • Keep Food and Liquids in the Kitchen or Pantry. If you happen to be a little clumsy, consider keeping all food and drinks in your kitchen.
  • Get good doormats for every entrance. This will encourage you to wipe the soles of your shoes to keep dirt off the carpets before entering and will save time & effort for your weekly cleaning.

How to Deep Clean Carpet

To deep clean your carpet without a steam cleaner, you can start by vacuuming up loose dirt and debris twice a week. Different fibers and manufacturers have different needs when it comes to the strength and type of vacuum. So before you begin, be sure to check your maintenance instructions to see what vacuums are approved for use on your specific carpet.

How to Spot Clean Carpet

While spot cleaning may seem like a simple task, spot cleaning carpet to remove stains depends greatly on the type of stain on the carpet. To remove carpet stains and spot clean your carpet, your best bet is to determine what type of spill is on the carpet.

Vinegar, a damp towel, and laundry detergent are just a few ingredients that can be used in a pinch. If you’re not quite sure what the stain is, there is also an “unknown” stain option that will give you some recommended tips and tricks on spot cleaning your carpet. Pay close attention to the directions, as you’ll either need to blot, rub, or scrape the carpet to get the best results for your spot cleaning carpet treatment.

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