Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s carpet tiles, carpet rolls, vinyl tiles or any flooring requirement you may have, our flooring experts are here to help!

Do your products have a warranty? And what is the coverage?

Yes, our products are covered with warranties, depending on the brand, material and use. The warranties normally cover factory defects, but excluding normal wear and tear/ item mis-use or poor maintenance.

What kind of adhesive do you use?

For carpet tiles and LVT, we only use our own water-based adhesives which are Green Label certified.

Where do your products come from?

Our carpet tiles brand, Tuntex is a Taiwanese brand which moved its production to Shanghai, China. While our other products come from Singapore, Malaysia, China and Indonesia.

Do you deliver outside NCR?

Yes, we can arrange deliveries outside NCR.

Do you customize carpets?

Yes we do, but there is a minimum quantity order depending on the material/ construction to be used.

Do you do installation?

Yes, we also provide installation services for items we supplied.

Do you do actual measurement of the site?

Yes, we just need to schedule for the availability of our technical team.

Do you provide samples and swatches?

Yes! We provide samples and swatches as long as we have them on stock. We can also send e-catalogues in case they are not available.

How do you sell your products?

Our standard unit of pricing/ selling is by Square Meter, but we can help convert them into boxes or pieces if needed.

Do you accept Cash on Delivery?

Sorry, our only method of payments is thru bank deposit/ online transfer or dated checks.

Do you give discounts for new clients?

Yes we give discounts depending on the quantity.

What is your lead time for orders/ deliveries?

For on-stock items, it takes around 5-10 days and 60-75 days for indent items.

What is the floor preparation needed prior to installation?

We need the flooring to be levelled, smooth and free of debris.

How do you clean and maintain carpets?

Carpets just need regular vacuuming. The frequency depends on the foot traffic of the space. Spot cleaning is recommended only on soiled/ stained areas. General shampoo/ deep cleaning by professionals may be done once or twice a year.

Will the colours of the carpet tiles fade over time?

Good thing with our carpet tiles is that we use Solution Dyed yarns, making them last for at least 15 years under proper maintenance.

Do I need to use an underlay for the carpets?

It depends on what kind of carpet you are using. For example if you are using a roll carpet (Wall to Wall) it is highly recommended to use underlay, but if you are using carpet tiles or planks, they are meant to be laid directly on the floor surface.


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