Ekowood Engineered Wood Flooring

Ekowood creates engineered hardwood floors that are designed to prevent expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature and humidity. Unlike regular solid hardwood floors, engineered wood flooring is more cost efficient and environmentally sustainable as only the top layer will be made of premium wood which is harder to source. This ensures that you get floors that seamlessly combine style and functionality that will last you a lifetime!

Made to Withstand Philippine Weather

The Philippines is prone to extremely hot & humid weather and also is frequented by months of rain. Both of which can cause regular hardwood floors to warp and lose their structural and aesthetic integrity. Ekowood is specially designed to prevent these issues making it the perfect flooring solution to withstand Philippine climate.

Ekowood withstands philippine weather

Built to Last

Ekowood is treated with 6 layers of UV cured lacquer making it both scratch and stain resistant. The floors are also made to withstand decades worth of maintenance due to its ability to sustain three sessions of sanding ensuring that they remain functional and aesthetically pleasing for long periods of time. 

Ekowood built to last

Uses a Blend of Premium Hardwood and Sustainable Wood

The top layer of the engineered wood floor is made of premium hardwood giving it that luxurious finish while the inner layers are made of a cost-efficient sustainable wood. This makes Ekowood engineered wood floors more sustainable and affordable compared to regular hardwood floor. 

Ekowood premium and sustainable wood

Why Ekowood

Ekowood Real wood

Real Wood

Ekowood blends the beauty of natural wood and technological innovation.

Ekowood Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Strategically sourced materials make it a more cost-efficient alternative to regular hardwood floors.

Ekowood Sustainable


The inner layer of each wooden plank is made of a more sustainable and easy-to-grow alternative to hardwood. 



Is able to maintain its integrity even in varying weather conditions, ensuring durability and enhanced utility.

Scratch and Stain Resistance

Scratch & Stain Resistant

Six layers of UV-cured lacquer, applied by machine for superior resilience against scratches and stains.



Ekowood can withstand up to three rounds of sanding.

Ekowood Grading

AB Grade

Minor variations in wood grain, uniform appearance, and small knots. AB Grade offers a more uniform look and luxurious feel.

BCD Grade

Boasts subtle color and pattern variances that incorporate small to medium-sized knots which will give your space a more lively and rustic ambiance.


Highlights the natural beauty of wood and features more diverse grain patterns with a variety of colors, tones, and contrast.

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