Vinyl Planks 3mm Philippines

Vinyl Planks and tiles are cool because they can take daily pounding of pedestrian traffic, they look good, and they cost less. Their Tensile strength goes up to 1450 PSI, Even furniture and appliances won’t leave a permanent impression on the Vinyl Planks. Our Vinyl Planks have more character because they’re textured. That also gives them better traction, so the pedestrian don’t slip. They are color-fast to ISO 105 BO2:6 standard. They will retain color any exposure short of direct sunlight outdoors. Vinyl Planks do not warp even when exposed to temperatures as high as of 82 degrees. Big Ass Planks Vinyl Plank are light weight and will be very ideal for lofts or attics or areas which cannot bear much weight.


Because these planks are made of PVC, they cannot be subjected to prolonged exposure to chemicals, especially corrosive ones, like paint thinners and acids.


Available Colors

Chilean Chadwick, French Chablis, Hill of Grace, Inglenook Rubicon, Margaux Margaux, Rare Quintessa, Royal Krugg, Vintage Latiffe


9’ X 48’ X 3mm


100% Waterproof material
Heat and flame resistant
0.2 to 0.3 mm wear layer for scratch resistance
UV coated for added scratch resistance to surface

Big Ass Planks Philippines Chilean Chadwick.
Big Ass Planks Philippines French Chablis
Big Ass Planks Philippines Hill of Grace
Big Ass Planks Philippines Inglenook Rubicon
Big Ass Planks Philippines Margaux Margaux
Big Ass Planks Philippines Rare Quintessa
Big Ass Planks Philippines Royal Krugg
Big Ass Planks Philippines Vintage Latiffe
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